R/c plane full guide?


I want a full guide on how to build an r/c planes without a kit ..

I want the plane to be simple 


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NATIVEBOY7 years ago
i want to build one out of balsa wood and i want to use AA batteries can you help me (with very easy repair to the parts cause i'm planing to use it in air-soft wars/fight with a air-soft electronic firing mechanics or bomb dropping mechanism) (hard to destroy cabin)

Re-design7 years ago
Have you ever built an r/c plane before?  If you haven't it would be better if you did a kit or an ARF first.  They are not hard to build from scratch but if you've not built one before there are alot of things to plan for and do that you won't know until you've built one before.

Have you ever flown an r/c plane?  If not then you really need to look at one of the trainer types first.  They are more stable and it's a lot harder to fly an r/c plane the first few times.  I used to be in an r/c club and atleast half of the new flyers crashed the first few times out even with training.

In any event there are lots of places where you can get plans and instructions for building a simple plane from scratch.  Google "r/c airplane plans" and such things and pick one you like from them.

I wish you good luck and if you have other questions ask them and I'm sure that someone will try to give you a clue.
hakemsaeed (author)  Re-design7 years ago
No I haven't build any ..

in your opinion what is the best kit with the best price ?

thanks .. 
If it's your first plane and you haven't flown one yet, I would get a "Duraplane Trainer".   It uses a foam covered wing. pvc and aluminum body, balsa wood tail.  It's almost indestructable.  With a 46 engine on it, it flys pretty well.  You can do some acrobatics when you get a little experience.

But the best part is you can crash it pretty hard and still fly it.  You can land over and over very hard and just go again.  That's what you need for learning to fly.  Most of the time the worst thing you'll do to it is break a prop or bend landing gear.  With a balsa wood plane you can't do that.  Sometimes just a rough landing will do enough damage that you have to rebuild a wing or fuselage. 

Another good thing to do would be to get some software called "real flight".  You can look at it at "tower hobbies.com".  It is very realistic r/c plane flight simulator software.  Using it you will be able to fly your plane without lessons or doing the buddybox training.  I don't think you can do it by yourself with out simulator software.  It's just too difficult to fly the first time.  In my club a beginner has to have a trainer until he can pass a test.  Using the software to learn I was able to pass the test without using a trainer.  It's expensive but it will pay for itself in saved planes.  You can learn to fly then do acrobatics on it and when you crash in the simulator you just press space and you restart on the runway again.
hakemsaeed (author)  Re-design7 years ago
ok . I will look for the  "Duraplane Trainer" in the hobby center in our city .. Because i live in UAE and the shipping from tower hobbies is very expensive ..

thanks for your help ..