Re-using 'company logo' shirts; I have a number of shirts, both polo/golf and button-down with logos over the breast.

I'm looking for some way to re-use the shirts, as they are pretty good quality shirts, so  don't want to just cut them into rags.  I'd rather get some wear out of them, but not advertise the company.  The emroidery is very strong, so picking it out destroys the base fabric.  Other than something else to iron over or taking them to a commercial embroidery machine, how else might I use them?

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acidbass7 years ago
make a quilt use them as do beds(stuff the shirt then sew up the openings or you could just donate them to goodwill or something
janw7 years ago
make your own patches and stitch them over the original logo's
Give them to the homeless. To Re-purpose is great, but re-using is awesome and good karma
chukkerlukker (author)  iminthebathroom7 years ago
This is good, but I don't want to a) give the company any more advertising than they deserve, or b) besmirch their name by having some homeless person wear them. Depends on the point of view, I guess.
lemonie7 years ago

Can you re-work the logos?
Do something creative to personallise. Mind, I don't know what the embroidery is on them.