Recommended Sellers to buy from?

First, how long will this class last ?? I am fairly new to this website & I am not sure if you all have a time limit on post. I'd hate to spend all this money on tools just for the class to end. Second, anyone in specific I should purchase my tools from that will not cost an arm & leg.

mikeasaurus5 months ago

The class will exist for a long time, so no worries there :)

If you're just getting into woodworking I suggest buying second-hand tools to start with, you can always upgrade the tools that you use the most later on - I talk about this in the Tools + Supplies Lesson.

A good place to look is the thrift store, garage or estate sales, or through online classified. Another great option is to see if friends or neighbours can loan you tools to get an idea on what you like and need.

Glad to have you aboard this class! I'm here if you have any other questions.