Refilling the scripto windresistant light (Torch)?

I've done the breakdown of the lighter and removed the tank but can't figure out how to refill it using my universal butane fuel can.  Can anyone advise?

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JeffH851 year ago

I fill it by placing the nozzle of the refill can over the brass tip of the lighter and depress until full. You will know its full when gas starts escaping from the nozzle. No need to disassemble anything. To be sure its filling, you can feel the handle/tank getting cold.

GDPK6 years ago
Yes, it can be done, here's how :
Disassemble the Scripto WindResistant by removing the small Philips-head screw and pulling the plastic collar up the nozzle. This allows separation and opening up the two halves of the handle.

Have a good look at how all the components fit together and how the ignition wires and butane tubing are routed. Remove the tubing from the brass tip of the fuel tank. Unscrew the black plastic flame adjusting lever about one full turn to allow less restriction for the fuel to get in - I found unless this lever was opened up almost to the point of leaking, it just didn't fill.

Place the nozzle of your can of butane over the brass tip of the tank, depress the small white plastic lever that opens the tank's valve and press down on your can of butane to fill. The can of butane must be above lighter tank and inverted to allow liquid butane to transfer. Vary the pressure used to hold tank and butane can together, I found it needed just the right pressure to fill - too little and the butane leaked out, too much and no liquid transfered.

When your tank is full, push on the gas tubing, re-assemble the tank, finger trigger, child-proof thumb lock. Ensure the butane tubing and ingiter wires are routed properly and not pinched. And enjoy extended use of this turbo lighter !
lemonie7 years ago
If it is refillable you'll have a valve on the opposite end to the outlet and piezo. If it's not, you'd have to connect the butane can to the outlet-valve (with tube) and simultaneously open both gas valves. Putting the butane in a warmish place and the empty tank in the freezer first helps. Mind you, I'm doubtful it would actually fill through the outlet valve.

.  When I worked on an LPG pipeline, we would use a rubber band to hold the valve open on a Bic lighter, place the lighter in a sample bomb, then fill the bomb with butane. Add a little bit of propane, let sit for a few hours and we had a refilled lighter. This was 30 years ago and I have no idea if it would still work.
.  It did seem to help to let the lighter sit in the freezer for a few hours before refilling.
.  BTW, if one left the lighter in the bomb for the whole shift, it was liable to explode when the butane was vented from the bomb. :)
That is interesting (really).
Your classic "difficulty" is the lighter is ~35o (from living next to your leg in a pocket) and the gas is ~16o (from being in a shed/cellar) so it's an uphill-struggle...


orksecurity7 years ago
I'd suggest attaching this question to the "Scripto Lighter Teardown" Instructable rather than posting it as a general question; that would probably give you better odds of reaching someone who knows the answer.