Regarding Sticker/Decal Adhesive and removal.

I need to make a decal/sticker that will withstand heat, sweat and humidity as well as remove easily from plastic without damaging the case. What is the best type of adhesive and/ore decal paper that copes well with the conditions stated above? I'm working on a project that I wish to remain discreet about.

jtp1398 years ago
I've found this stuff be very helpful. It's used a lot in vehicle wraps on the under edges where constantly exposed to moisture and dirt to keep the vinyl from curling off.
xTinie (author)  jtp1398 years ago
Ooh thanks so much for the link! I'll have to try that as well.
Re-design8 years ago
Use Avery clear label sheets and print with water proof ink. Or coat with clearcoat.
xTinie (author)  Re-design8 years ago
I'll definitely have to try that. Thanks!