Regular USB camera turned to night vision?

is it possible to modify a standard USB camera into a night vision camera?

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Re-design8 years ago
Digital cameras have an ir filter that removes most of the ir in normal light.  You will get MUCH better photos by removing the IR filter.

Padlock8 years ago
As Lemonie said, you best bet would be an IR spot or flood light.

You can buy IR LEDS here. Hook them up to a battery and a resistor and mount them on your camera.

Camera's can see Infrared light, however humans can not. So, it is basically like putting a bunch of little lights on the side of your camera, except that humans cannot detect the light.
those are some expensive LEDs!

cheaper ones here:
Jayefuu8 years ago
This guide seems to indicate it's possible.
lemonie8 years ago
Probably, try IR floodlighting and see what that does.