Remaking blue jeans into free standing Hard as a Rock statues ?

Years ago, you would see old blue leans remade them into flower pots, staues, table legs, etc using wire forms and epoxis or liquid fiberglass resin. Instructions???

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sir_h_c8 years ago
Do you want them free standing or will they be attached to a base?
frollard8 years ago
stuff the legs to the shape you want soak the material in activated fiberglass resin (has had the catalyst added) wait for it to harden
Use a wire mesh or a removable form to help it keep its shape during this process.
aarone frollard8 years ago
Great solution. Please be careful though. Fiberglass resin is dangerous material. Make sure you do your work outside, or at least in a VERY well ventilate area.
Capt. Howdy8 years ago
i spilled some polyeurethane on my jeans once and they dried stiff as a board. Maybe try soaking a piece of denim in it let it dry and see what happens.