Remote Control Mini Heating Pad?

PLease I hope someone can answer this -

I am wanting to make a wireless remote controlled mini heating pad - this is the heating pad I want to use -

Would anyone know how i can make this very small heating pad wireless and with a remote to be able to turn on and off anytime i wish. 

NOTE: The remote heating pad needs to fit inside a small object, almost as small as a playing card box - and be able to control the heat from the heating pad with the controller so it will not burn a thin layer of a cardboard box or paper.

If anyone can help with this, it will be greatly appreciated! :)

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T0BY2 years ago

I think pucksurfer's idea is best. What do want to use it for?

iwseollc (author)  T0BY2 years ago

Thanks. im kind of a newbie when its comes to finding and wiring electronics, i might have to have china essemble this for me. lol - do you which an arduino, wifi module or a ir sensor i should get. I need to fit in a small box, which imention below as small as a card box - thank you for your help!! :)

iwseollc (author) 2 years ago

For steveastrouk: heat it up to / less then 5 minutes but to be able to control the heat where it does not get too hot of course...

For Downunder35m: and yes battery would probably have to be involved due to the remote control....

pucksurfer: that sounds like a winner? then wouldnt have to use batteries?

But note: Like I mentioned, this heating pad and remote control sensor needs to fit in as small as a playing card box (see attached)


How long do you want to heat it FOR ?

pucksurfer2 years ago

You could hook up power to an arduino and power the heating pad through the arduino, and then hook up a wifi module or a ir sensor and control it via your phone or an ir remote

I hope you are not asking for battery power as well...
-With the power consumption your option are limited on batteries.

You need a controller and remote that work on 5V or use 12V and a voltage regulator.