Remote Control UAV help?

I want to build a small UAV system with a limited budget, ~$350. I like it o transmit live video feed to a ground station with ~2 mile range if possible, and to record the video as it is being taken. A plane recommendation would be nice, but I figured i would buy a rather cheap one and upgrade the transmitter / receiver. This might be possible, or it might just be out of this world, any info will help, thanks.

sort by: active | newest | oldest is a great site, with information on homemade platforms, fpv(video feed), autopilots and so on.... Furthermore hey have a forum, where even newbies can ask question and be guided toward making the best decisions. Hope you find it helpful
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Thanks I checked it out and it is great
rickharris4 years ago
You might find a lot of useful information by looking up lots of plans
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That should have been flite test

I put in the link as I messed up first time.

They provide plans for RC aircraft of many kinds but also do Video links as well as long range RC.
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Thank you for the link
What you want is doable. You may have to increase your budget.

Going with a cheap plane and upgrading it is a good start. But the plan will have to support the added weight of the camera and video transmitter. If you want the system to store the video on the plane then you need to account for the storage and make sure the camera system you get will support internal storage as well as streaming it threw the video transmitter.
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Thanks, this helps alot