Remote control 12 volt drivable BBQ?

As a BBQ competitor, I want to build a remote control drivable smoker for amusment at competitions. My problem is how to find and size the 12 volt motor for the drive wheels (3" to 4" diameter).  Smoker weighs about 15 pounds (stand up Brinkman type) plus I have 12v 7ah surplus batteries from  my work that I want to use for power source.

Dave Q

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if it was driving on a smooth surface a combination of driving wheels and castors would probably work, for grass and stuff you'd need something a bit more, check out this project for some ideas on motors etc 
I should try spit roaster motors ! Is speed of the essence ?

Dave Q (author)  steveastrouk7 years ago
I would like it to do fast walking speed if possible..  Spit roaster is a bit slow I would think?
In the style of spit roaster motors (you may well be right), how about a couple of those 3.6 V electric screwdrivers then. ? 

The speed depends on the wheel diameters too, but you might be able to disassemble the gear boxes and rejig them in a different ratio, but I wouldn't bet on it.

Dave Q (author) 7 years ago
Hey Killerjackalope, do you know what the amp draw is on the motors???