Remote control cars over the internet?

I came across this site with 2 RC cars that can be controlled freely over the internet. 

I want to make one of these setups, but I don’t know exactly how to do it. I need help with getting clicks from a webpage to a full time pc to some relays or something like that. Also I need some way to embed a live webcam stream into the webpage. I can handle everything else.

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I've just got finished with this project. I used an Arduino UNO along with an Ethernet Shield to the control the car over the internet. Here's the URL for anyone interested. The documentation is fairly detailed.
stark90006 years ago

for the parallel port.

for the serial port

written in java :)
adiman186 years ago
i found on the internet the project of a japanese company about this . here is the link :
is an interesting idea that they were thought.
stark90007 years ago
physics_dude (author) 8 years ago
I still need some help with the following...
1. A webpage with buttons to control a program on the host.
2. A program on the host to control a parallel port.

I want the webpage to have 12 buttons, two sets of 6. One to control car 1 and the other for car 2. Each set will have the following keys.
forward left,
forward right,
back left,
back right.
(Or possibly a set of 6 buttons with a drop down menu to select the car to acontrol.)

I can use ubuntu or Windows, doesn’t matter.
physics_dude (author) 8 years ago
Can someone find (or make) a "Parallel port controlling CGI-BIN script"?

you can read about it here. 

physics_dude (author) 8 years ago
Update: the operating system will be ubuntu. (Or some other Linux) I went to this site,

and if you just do a search on that page for “Controlling parallel port through web“ you will come across what I am talking about. But as I said before, it is the codeing that I can’t do.
snotty8 years ago
I've been looking around for something similar (to control relays over USB) but everything I find is more expensive than the Arduino.
physics_dude (author)  snotty8 years ago
I got everything external under control. I am going to use the 25 pin printer serial port. The only problem I have is trying to get a client pc on a webpage to communicate with my computer then to it's serial port.

I already know what I’m going to connect to the parallel port.(below)
heres the schematic 
Kryptonite8 years ago
I heard you can use Yahoo! to live stream a webcam.
physics_dude (author)  Kryptonite8 years ago
The main thing I want to do is to have a webpage (client) communicate to my fulltime computer (host) and then communicate to a pair of controllers.

The webcam can come last.
For that I wouldn't know, so I just threw in my 2 cents worth.
physics_dude (author) 8 years ago
I found this relay board. with a schematic

I know that the commands for this on Windows are binary (ex. 0000 0001 opens relay 9, 0010 0000 opens relay 3). I will most likely make one myself and use their software (I dont really need to.) but I don’t know how to control them form a different program let alone from a webpage.  So, basically I am currently stumped on the programming.  I do know some basic programming (Visual Basic, some C, and a bit of basic JAVA).
 Google "computer control external" and you'll get all sorts of useful information.
physics_dude (author) 8 years ago
How can I connect the controller boards to the computer? It has to be able to trip some relays. I was thinking the parallel port but I don’t know it has enough pins. I know some people are connecting LED's to them so it is possible. Also I would prefer to not use the Arduino .

I didn’t make a schematic yet but I know it will use a series of relays, capacitors, diodes, then the RC car controllers, and some other minor stuff.