Remote control lights/led very cheap?

Hello everyone, I want to control different lights and make them perform different things by using wireless and I want to do it as cheap as possible.  The inspiration came from this company PIXMOB with their bracelets.               to see how the bracelets connects and changes color as well.         some description on how the technology works            the website link.

Thanks for all your help and I am sure it will help may of us to tinker more into different things.

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Wired_Mist2 years ago

I would use some lazer or directional IR-Led's then have them trigger a certain colour change on the bracelet Via a IR reciver in each bracelet.

If you make an aray of them with different addresses you could also create the swirl effect you see in the Vid. Maybe hook it up to MadMapper to make the programming relatively painless :)

Chamburn (author)  Wired_Mist2 years ago

Making IR communication was what I thought at the beginning but I still needed ideas. I had never heard of MadMapper before and this gave me new ideas thanks for sharing this.

I used to have to animate line by line and it took ages, I'm working on a project that will, hopefully, take advantage of how quick and easy it is to program lights like this.

seandogue2 years ago

Studfy up on low pwoered led circuits. Google is your friend.

Chamburn (author)  seandogue2 years ago

I am familiar with low powered led circuits, what I want is to control different lights at the same time and make them perform different things by wirelessly