Removable wall art?

I want to do graffiti art on my bedroom walls, but I cant use my spraypaint directly on the wall, any way to do that?

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shokara7 years ago
 i live in an apartment so thats totally out of the question for me too. what ive done in the past with success is this:  contact paper the whole wall. that will give you a good protection for the wall, then put up either huge pieces of butcher paper or other paper/cloth then you can do what ever you want to it. OR you can do what my buddy did at h8s house and scared the crap out of his landlord. Move in a ton of dry wall sections and lay dry wall OVER the existing wall using a wooden frame. you loose a few inches of the wall. but then you can do what ever the hell you want to the walls. the landlord can have a total cow... then you just pull the wall down and go "gimme my deposit back... HAHA"
noahh7 years ago
I would tack or staple up some plastic sheeting (like painters use) and prop a piece of plywood up against it. That said, I wouldn't advise spray painting in a small, enclosed room. If you decide to go through with it, open up all of your windows for ventilation and wear a face mask. This is the best choice, because it comes with the right type of filters. Disposable face masks made for sanding or face masks that you would get at a doctor's office will not work. I hope this helps a bit. Have fun!
acidbass7 years ago
 get some latex and spray that or you could use cloth with double sided sticky tape on the back
J@50n7 years ago
 Here is a really cool website. its not what you want to do but its stickers they have made. they are removable though!
JesusFreke8 years ago
How about covering your wall with cloth? You can use corn-starch to apply the cloth to the wall, very similar to how you would put up wall paper. I've never actually tried it, but I've read about it before, and have always wanted to try it. The only concern might be if you try and spraypaint it, it might bleed through onto the wall.

Here's a quick link of how to put it up.

I looked for an article on instructables, but surprisingly couldn't find any!
you could hang a painters canvas. or even paint the canvas outside then bring it in and hang it. Weight the bottom of it so it would hang nice??
Can you paint the wall with a clear coating that makes it stain-resistant? That would increase your options considerably. If not, chalk may be the closest thing to removable pigment.