Removing Gorilla Glue From Skin

Has anyone found a way of removing the brown 'Original' Gorilla Glue from skin.  Earlier today I picked something up by the wrong side which I'd just coated in the stuff. 
I've just spent 20 minutes washing and scrubbing my hands as per their FAQs and have just about lost the stuff, but has anyone come up with a miracle way of removing it?

Note that this is the brown foaming polyurethane glue; not the cyanoacrylate type.

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Acetone, when its wet. Wear and tear when its cured.
AndyGadget (author)  steveastrouk6 years ago
Is that from experience, Steve?  Their FAQ for the polyurethane glue says specifically don't use acetone as it removes oils from the skin and makes the glue more likely to stick.
That's from (bitter) experience.
We always have nasty solvents available, and acetone works very well. Yes, you should moisturise afterwards, and really, with a priori knowledge, wear a barrier cream on your skin to stop it sticking !
AndyGadget (author)  steveastrouk6 years ago
I finally tried this and yep, it works. In the absence of industrial solvents I raided my wife's cosmetics drawer for the nail varnish remover which also contains skin conditioner which I think helped the removal (and it left me with lovely silky skin afterwards #;¬).
RobertC5381 month ago

If gorilla glue is still wet, just use Pam cooking spray with olive oil, or straight olive oil, but the spray is neater.

I had a situation the other day similar to the original poster (OP)..picked something up wrong-sided and...it was over from there. I'd ended it up on the palms and fingers of both hands before the project was done (once it was on one hand I basically said f*ck it knowing I'd have to deal with it on at least one of my hands already).

Long story short, I tried EVERYTHING listed previously short of gas and brake cleaner or WD-40 but those were next on my list if I hadn't come to the solution I found.

I can say the Acetone, hydrogen peroxide, simple water and soap, gritty soap (like the kind mechanics use - my boyfriend is a mechanic so we have the "real deal" when it comes to this soap), etc. made NO DIFFERENCE.

Then as I was walking by my closet where I keep my paint supplies (AND SANDPAPER) I recalled the sage advice of the posters before me who mentioned sand and "wear and tear." I thought, let's speed up this process a bit, shall we?

100 grit (so really fine) sand paper did the trick. I went through one small piece between both hands and my hands are LOVELY smooth (but not injured or scratched harmfully in any way).

Next time, I'll go right for the sandpaper. :p

I hope this helps the next person! (as much as I really hope there's not a next person..haha) :)

allancoto95 months ago
ryantate7772 years ago

I would try feathers first. If that doesn't work then little shredded up bits of cotton ball should do the trick.

ryantate777 ~ That is hilarious!

My daughter Gorilla Glued her armpits. When I asked why she said "to stick the pictures on". She generally tends to be ahead of the fashion curve, fyi. Now working through the various solutions presented here. Obviously the sage wisdom "don't do it in the first place" isn't too useful at the moment. But some ocean swim and time may be the one that works best. I do hope that she's learned something about strong poly adhesives!

I'm sorry about your daughter's situation but, I really found it very humorous! Could not stop laughing! I have 6 kids and the phrase, "Kids do the darndest things!", has always had me scratching my head, "Why? Why?! Really??!"... Gotta love them kiddos!

Thats absurd....

Thats a kid!

JenniferC26510 months ago

I tried water and soap and that just spread it, so I went and grabbed some damp sand from my kids sandbox and scrubbed my hands with it. Worked like a charm!

Joeyjan1910 months ago

Just a follow up on my comment from 10 hours ago. As I said no liquids I tried from brake cleaner , carburetor cleaner, gasoline etc., etc. had much effect. I found a rough pumice stone scrub followed by soaking in vegetable oil for a full hour then pumice stone again removed 99 percent of it. And yes I have latex gloves on my workbench thank you ...

Joeyjan1910 months ago

yesterday I wiped my hands in a shop rag with Gorilla Glue on it, and it dried. I have tried the entire spectrum of liquids and no luck. Today I am having progress with a pumice stone but very slow, be careful this is a sticky situation

SueY1410 months ago

In blind panic we tried petrol. This worked, then used washing up liquid then moisturised well.

SharonR241 year ago

I got some of this lovely substance on my fingers when gluing an ant moat to a hummingbird feeder. First I tried alcohol and that didn't work. Then tried acetone nail polish remover and that didn't work. These just made it stickier. I got a pumas stone and sprayed my hands with WD40. Used a thin dish scrubber with the WD40 and got it all off. So sounds like the olive oil or vegetable oil would work also.

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ste.devine1 year ago

After 20 minutes of panic during which NOTHING worked (I tried Swarfega, 99% Isopropyl alcohol, Acetone varnish remover, washing up liquid, soap and water - all of these seemed to make my hands stickier), I found this thread (I now also have a vey sticky keyboard). I can confirm that olive oil worked like magic!

accenda1 year ago

Thank you everyone for all the tips. I'd let Gorilla Glue dry on my fingers a few minutes as I was fixing the sole of a shoe. First I tried soap and water (nothing), then olive oil briefly, but it wasn't instant. I tried nail polish remover for a minute (it helped a little). Then I came back to the olive oil, and let it sink in as I massaged my finger and gently(!) tried to scrape it away. About 10 - 15 mins. later all was off, I hadn't thought it was possible. The encouraging results in the comments helped me persevere and hope that it would actually come. And now, I have lovely moisturized hands :).

KatieJ12 years ago

I ended up with it on my thumb and pointer finger. I sprayed them with cooking oil and used my coppery looking wire scrubby under water. It was gone in a minute! Might have been a fluke, but it worked!

thank you this helped me a lot and now my fingers are very soft

Just tried this and it worked famously for me. I used olive oil.

I had it all over my hands and couldn't get it off for 30 minutes. Olive oil worked like a charm. Acetone (nail polish remover did nothing and neither did "grainy" automotive soap. Olive oil is definitely the answer. Thanks!!

JosieH71 year ago

do this three times just to be sure

JosieH71 year ago

I just got a little on my hand and i tried using olive oil and warm water after about one minute of oil on your hands wash it with warm water once it is off wash with warm water and soap it really woks just rub the oil in there is many below this but this is the one that worked for me

KeshaN12 years ago

here's a funny but weird story I'm almost embarrassed to tell the story my gorilla gluedried up so I figured if I put in the microwave for about 1 minute that wouldn't harm it because I was trying to replace the magnet on my glass door to my entertainment centeranyway I put it in the microwave and I pressed 100 or at least I thought I pressed 100 equivalent to 1 minute I turn my back and for 1 minute and realize the microwave was still goingthe time I was on the number 8 so I hurried up and opend the doorbut of course gorilla glue was everywhere in the microwaveby me not thinking I quickly grabbed it out of the microwave and of course that gorilla glue was hots and so now I've been sitting here for about how would say 3 hours trying to get thisgorilla glue off my handsso far I've tried just about every suggestion on this page the olive oil has work the best for me I just have to finish peeling it off...I know one thing's for sure I will never try that againand you have Gorilla Glue get hardened and dry eyes just so good in some hot water don't try the microwave lol lol

@ least you know it works, just make sure you press the right #'s next time, wish I thought of it, or read this 1rst, I just pulled out the chunks of dried glue with plyers & spent some X getting it off my hands.

I did a much worse thing, I heated it in the micro for 30 seconds and squeezed the bottle to see if it softened up at all and it squirted out on my arm and I tried to wipe it off cuz it was hot and it hurt and my skin came off too. I still have some of it on there and it is like a burn, it really hurts.ouch in more ways than 1??

No offense but that is a special kind of stupid XD.

StaceyS391 year ago

Got my gorilla glue off by scrubbing my hands with a nail brush and a cleaner calledBAB-O then I shaved them with a disposable razor. It took a while because my hands were covered in dirt and gorilla glue. I should of took a before and after pic. At first I used acetone but that won't work alone. Fill a sink with BAB-O, scrub, soak then shave, over and over but it will work. Thanks for the help.

HowardR121 year ago

Many thanks to the people who posted. A combination of canola oil (I didn't have olive oil) and a brillo-like pad got the glue right off my fingers. I never would have thought of it on my own, so THANKS.

TomF551 year ago

following up on the comment that using a razor blade to scrape it off, I tried using a zester (which for those who do not cook is a kitchen tool to scrape the outer skin off citrus such as lemons and limes for flavoring food). It was easy to control and worked like a charm

DaveL531 year ago

I FOUND A SOLUTION. I had my hands COVERED in dry gorilla glue, after hours of soaking and scrubbing with no luck I tried a razor! I literally shaved my hands with a Venus Embrace razor and it completely removed the glue!! Just soak your hands in warm water then rub the head of the razor back and forth pressing the blades against your skin, this will not cut you as long as the skin is taught. Sounds scary but, trust me, it works!!

LindaL501 year ago

I tried just about everything..Acetone, double D 40, paint thinner, sandpaper, etc.....The pads of my fingers were stained.....Finally I used Brillo pads, wet and soapy and Comet...It WORKED! No damage done either....After, I used olive oil and a bit of sugar and then rinsed and dried my then soft hands.........This stuff scres the devil out of me...Not sure I will use it ever again!

ShirrellJ1 year ago

Thanks for all the advice, I found that the olive oil didn't work well, I hadn't tried the acetone, but the brillo pad with suds warm water and some scrubbing did work, that stuff is tuff. Hope this helps someone else.

BethO21 year ago

I didn't want to use acetone because I have pink and white (french manicure) gel nails and the acetone could ruin the finish and I just had them done two days ago. So, I tried the olive oil that several people recommended, put it on a paper towel, rubbed it on my hands and under my nails and it WORKED like a CHARM!!! I totally recommend using the olive oil to remove Gorilla Glue. Good luck and many blessings!!!

BethO21 year ago
MicB21 year ago

Help me

MicB21 year ago

how do i get this stickey glue off my hands it is gorilla g

jediam161 year ago

I just got the gorilla glue on my hands and I tried some Comet bathroom toilet bowl cleaner and I squished my hands together for about fifteen seconds with it on the hands. I then added the counter liquid bath soap I had and then rinsed with water. The first attempt took care of a lot of it, but some still remained. I repeated the process and then rinsed again. They felt much better-not sticky feeling.. I also used hand lotion after this and now my hands are soft and no sticky residue. It might not be the best combination to use, but it worked for me. I'll keep my hand lotion handy to apply if needed.

treenap1 year ago
BlightOwl1 year ago

Hey there,

I got gorilla glue on my hands and of course I didn't want to touch my computer with sticky fingers so I couldn't look up the acetone solution. Now that the glue has dried, the only thing that got it off was time and soaking my hands in warm soapy water. After letting them soak for a few minutes, one hand at a time, I was able to just scratch the glue off. Hope that helps!

VirtuallyR2 years ago

A good scrubbing with a wet Brillo pad removed the Gorilla glue stains on hands. Acetone (nail polish remover) didn't work.

KassyR2 years ago

Rubbing alcohol

Don't say it don't work because my mom just did it like two minutes ago.. Nothing else was working n I suggested it n it makes it peal right off like Elmer's glue lol

After trying many solutions, with no success, I read the post about using sandpaper. That reminded me that my sister had given me a "micro-pedi nano" for Christmas that I had yet to open. I used it on all 5 fingers that had Gorilla Glue on them and it worked! I may not have any fingerprints left, though... :-)

SammyK12 years ago


-hand soap



It worked for me. It really gets the glue off!

EarleM2 years ago

After working on a project, I was left with a thin layer of black Gorilla Glue residue on my fingers that just would not come off. It was a problem because I had a dinner party to go to and I looked like I had just changed my oil and forgot to wash my hands. I tried every online remedy and solvent that I could find, including olive oil, soap, alcohol, paint thinner, lacquer thinner, nail polish remover, makeup remover and acetone. Nothing worked! Finally, I went with the brute force method and used 150 grit sandpaper. It took about 15 minutes and I was as good as new - as long as I don't have to get fingerprinted for awhile. An emery board would also eventually do it, but it will take a lot longer. You have lots of skin layers and If you use light pressure with the sandpaper, you won't hurt your hands. Next time, I'll put vaseline on my hands first so the glue won't stick.

just used olive oil. I'm impressed how well it worked!

Hi, I put Gorilla Glue on the sole of my shoe then put my foot (with sock on ) in shoe and do to being in a rush, I did not let the glue dry. When I returned home several hours later, my sock and toe was glued to my shoe. The ER did not know what to do. They tried to soak in water. They cut my shoe and sock off so I had a small piece of sock left glued to my large toe. I realized that water and glue would do nothing. Glue needed an oil based substance. I had a tube of lip gloss with mineral oil and Vaseline listed in it. I rubbed the lip gloss around the sock and it slid right off.

CHOSSID2 years ago

Only olive oil, vinegar and salt worked, but my ring is messed up!

Use Murphy's Oil.

MaddyA2 years ago

I was fixing my daughters iPad case and i got a little bit of gorilla glue on my fingers. first, washed my hands withe soap and warm water. Next, coated them in baking soda and scrubbed them with a pummus brick. then i soaked my fingers in acetone. after that i put some Arbonne conditioning oil on my fingers then put on lotion. this really worked!!!

shill212 years ago

Ladies makeup remover works just fine and is gentle on your skin.

What does this say about what we put on our faces? Scary.

this worked great for me

BDayPass2 years ago

For sanding off a light amount of glue, use an emory board. Very kind to your skin.

I did the salt/vinegar/olive oil one and added in some Fast Orange and Comet for added brutality. That still took forever. Near the end I came up with a breakthrough though: A knife sharpening stone. That worked great to exfoliate the stuff off. Way better than pumice or a scotchbrite pad.

Both of my hands were about 70% covered in the stuff (palm side only) and it took me well over an hour to get this off, working continuously over a sink that entire time. Gorilla Glue is serious stuff. I thought super glue was bad. This is ten times worse.

We read all the ideas and tried a combo of olive oil and coarse salt. Came right off!

just tried it and it didn't work.

yeah don't put gorilla glue on your skin in the first place.

MarandaD2 years ago

salt and water be sure to put lotion on after you wash your hands

Noqrjakh2 years ago

I got some of the clear stuff on my hands and it dried before I could get it off. I used nail clippers to help me peel the clue off my hands.

the bottle says "bonds skin instantly", and I thought yeah right, but it really does!

soak your hands in warm water then rub any type of sand together in your hands

ROCSart2 years ago

While Gorilla Glue is still sticky use GOOF OFF Pro strength and a dry rag. If water is used to wash hands first the glue gets stickier, worse. Water is used before Gorilla is applied to make wood glue joints set up. So don't use on your hands if you want to remove it! After the Goof Off and a dry rag use WD 40, rub on hand it moistens the skin and removes the Goof Off, repeat if needed. Then use dish soap and water the remove WD 40. Finally, use olive oil to make hands all better.

aeray6 years ago
I haven't found anything to take it off. I suspect that it is called "gorilla" glue because it gives you black "gorilla hands" for a week or two. It'll wear off eventually.
mkljkl aeray3 years ago

Bleach works very well, but after words just wash with a lot of soap!!! Good Luck

jonesgirl883 years ago
I was working on making snowflake ornaments for my 2-year-olds at work and used the clear Gorilla glue. I was cleaning the nozzle per the instructions and, of course, got it all over my hands. I used the olive oil idea and it worked. I worked it into my hands about 3 times for about 10 minutes and washed with hand soap in between to peal off the glue. There's a thin layer where the glue was extra thick on the pads of my fingers but I can live with that. Thanks for the idea!
kntry3 years ago
I tried Acetone and it did nothing.

I rubbed Goof Off on my hands for about a minute then lightly rubbed one of those green dish scrubbing pads on my hands and fingers. I washed with Dawn Dish Liquid and then rubbed Olive Oil on my hands. The Gorilla Glue is completely gone!
I have had this problem alot of times. The best way I've found, it may be a little gross, is to use some dawns dish liquid, vegetable oil or baby oil, vinegar, lotion and flour. Scrub your hands with the dish liquid mixed with oil and vinegar, scrub for about 5-8 minutes, then get a quarter size amout of lotion and put it all over your hands, then wipe off excess, then put your hands in some flour and it should come right off, the flour is too make sure you got it all off.
Ok, a straight line like that, "I have had this problem alot of times." - Are you sure once was not enough to keep you from ever ever ever getting this super superglue on your skin ever ever ever again?
Benlafin4 years ago
I just got some on my hands, and went to clean it with cold water and soap. That hardly worked, so I googled it and found this thread. I decided that the solutions here were a little too complex for me, so I decided to just try olive oil and hot water. Worked pretty well for me. I just poured some olive oil on my hands and rubbed in warm water. Only a thin, hardly noticeable layer of the glue is left on my fingers. I'm not entirely sure how this will work in cases where your hands are entirely covered in glue, but as far as minor catches of it, this should work.
jwallace184 years ago
What worked for me was dampen hands with white wine vinegar and sprinkle on lots of baking soda and scrub. Then wipe hands off with a dry paper towel and after a couple minutes I just rinsed my hands with water and if i missed some its white and has a good edge to peel off
Just made a huge mess with Gorilla Glue on my hands when my project fell and I tried to put it back together. Here is the best way I have found to get Gorilla Glue off your hands. First spray your hands with Pam non stick cooking spray or use baby oil. This will keep the glue from sticking to your hands where you have not spred it. Then use soap and warm water. Pam also works for most other things like spray paint, pine tar and other sticky stuff.
SoundDr5 years ago
I have done this many times - slow learner. Best way to avoid is obviously to wear gloves.

If you act before it is cured Canadian Tire Hand Cleaner will remove it.

The manufacturer states soap and warm water. This, in my experience, will not work. Quickly remove as much as possible and use Canadian Tire Hand Cleaner - a mixture of petroleum products, mineral oil, lanolin etc. It is similar to a product called Lustersheen which is no longer available to me.

If you are not in Canada - good luck. The black residue eventually wears off.
orksecurity6 years ago
Poly adhesives cure on contact with moisture, and that includes the moisture in body tissues. As far as I know, the only way to reliably remove it is to remove the cells that it has bonded to. In the case of hands, you can wait for the body to shed that top layer of skin, try to encourage that shedding, or abrade it off.

The better answer is to prevent the problem; always wear gloves and clothing which you don't mind getting gunked up.

Eyes, obviously, would be a much more serious problem, since you don't even want to think about trying most of the things you might do to your hands. YOU MUST WEAR SAFETY GOGGLES WHEN WORKING WITH POLY ADHESIVES. THIS INCLUDES THE SPRAY INSULATING FOAMS, WHICH HAVE SIMILAR CHEMISTRY.

The best answer, frankly, so to not use these adhesives unless you have a specific reason for doing so. They do have specific uses for which they're better than anything else. But between this need for care, and the fact that they REALLY require that parts be clamped while the glue is curing if you want to get its full strength, they may not be the best choice for everyday use.

Sorry, Gorilla. I like the product, but I don't consider it a cure-all. Tools for tasks.
Burf6 years ago
The only thing I have found that works reasonably well, is to thoroughly wash then leave damp. Rub in petroleum jelly (Vaseline) or mineral oil and peel the glue off. Otherwise, you're probably going to be wearing the glue until the dead skin underneath begins to slough off.
Re-design Burf6 years ago
That's what I'd try. Maybe even WD40. It gets between the skin and the glue bond and sometimes gets things off when you can't.
Dr. Pepper6 years ago
Goof off works well.
I have never used Gorilla glue before, but when I get super glue on my hands sanding it a little helps.  I comes of sooner when you sand most of it off.