Removing a metal object from wood?

Hello! Somehow a small 9mm steel BB found it's way into a piece of wooden outdoor furniture. I know how to repair wood, but I can't seem to get the BB out. I've tried digging it out with a small knife, but that only resulted in me damaging the piece further. Do any of you have any experience with this, or ideas on further courses of action? Anything is appreciated.

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iceng4 years ago
Use a NIB magnet after all these BB are steel or iron based.

If you have jammed the BB into the wood try striking the wood
with a hammer with a wood plank in between while the powerful
Neodymium Iron Boron is being held close to the BB .

Often a small diameter flat head machine screw can extend the
magnet's reach into a hole to pull out what fell into it.

iceng iceng4 years ago
Simple magnet with B•B....
Wisaam4 years ago
I agree with caarntedd. If you are going to repair the whole of it anyway just hammer a nail of sufficient length on the opposite side and it will pop out.
caarntedd4 years ago
If you are going to repair the hole anyway, why not just drive a nail into the timber on the opposite side to the BB and punch it out the way it came in?
Burf4 years ago
I wouldn't even try to dig it out, just leave it there and patch right over it.
Kiteman Burf4 years ago