Replacement electric razor foil

Does anybody know an inexpensive way to replace the surface foil on an electric razor? I think it's called foil anyway; it's the metal part that contacts the skin and is a mesh of small holes for beard hair to pass through. The raw foil stock must be relatively cheap to fabricate; maybe there is a way to get a sheet of it and put it on the original frame from the shaver.

Most replacements are almost the price of a whole new shaver. And I haven't even found a replacement for my modified, ancient Braun system 123.

After the shaver died I resurrected it and made it solar powered by tearing out the charge circuitry and batteries and replacing them with two batteries and a diode that plugs into a small solar panel from a garden light. This worked perfectly for years until the foil wore through last week.

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lemonie7 years ago

The foils are expensive because you can't DIY to the same on the same money.
Get a new one or switch to blades.

snotty (author)  lemonie7 years ago
I'll keep thinking about it.

There's only this one thing wrong with an otherwise near perfect device
+1. Sorry, but this is almost a cliche in the advertising biz: "Give away the razor to get them hooked on your system, then make a profit selling blades." That's not as true for electrics as it is for blade systems, but they want their profit stream.

You could switch to a Norelco-like system. Those don't use thin screens, so nothing tears; the self-honing just stops being as effective. I've found the screen design gave me a slightly better shave, but that depends in part on your own face.
Blades for me, cheap blades...

rickharris7 years ago
I agree