Replacement minibike engine?

I have a 2006 Mini Baja Minibike( with more than a few problems. As of now, it won't even start, and I can't find the problem. I've cleaned anywhere that fuel goes, air filter, exhaust, and adjusted the carb,  it still doesn't start. When it was running, it didn't even idle.

So I'm wondering, would an engine swap with this: engine work? It seems almost identical; but I"m not sure.

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Re-design4 years ago
Horsepower is close and rotation is correct.

Probably the only way to be sure that it'll work is to buy one and make sure you can return it if it won't fit.  Then compare them side by side.  The shaft end has to be exactly the same.   the chain has to be able to line up exactly etc. 

I would normally say to just get what you have tuned up but you could spend the same money  for the price a new one will cost.
The Dark Lord (author)  Re-design4 years ago
Thanks for the input.
vince 094 years ago
I am guessing that you checked this already but you didn't say. Have you checked the spark plug to make sure you are getting a good spark?
The Dark Lord (author)  vince 094 years ago
Yeah, it sparks perfectly fine. I would probably go deeper into the engine if I had the time.
OK like I said I figured you checked it but you didn't say. Sorry I couldn't help you any.