Replacement parts for a Pedestal floor fan?

Need new blades for a broken 3-bladed floor fan.

Check here:

This is the company that makes Galaxy fans, and if your model is listed, they can get you a replacement blade.
tilgate1 year ago

Chances of finding a replacement that fits are slim. Repair it instead. Trace the outline of one of the blades with a piece of thin card. Cut out and mark the shape on to 3 pieces of 1mm sheet aluminium. Cut out, bend to shape if needed and pop rivet your new blades to the stubs of the old one. Paint white if it makes you feel better.

onrust7 years ago
I would google the information that is on the fan. I would not be shocked if you do not find much. Fans tend to be as cheap as they are made.
NachoMahma7 years ago
. First thing I would try is to find a broken fan with good blades. Put the good blades on your fan. . You may be able to purchase a "generic" blade (same approximate diameter/pitch/&c) at a hardware store.