Replacing LEDs on a LED fan?

If the LEDs are the same voltage, can i just cut the wires on the LED fan, and just simply re-solder the new LEDs onto the wires? I have been looking at several Instructables about replacing the LEDs on a fan, and they all have complicated re-wiring ideas..Can't you just simply replace the LEDs with the news ones?

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frollard8 years ago
notably uv, blue, and white use more volts than red green and amber. So - you can replace red, green and amber interchangeably - as with blue/white. Otherwise you may need to change the resistor used for that particular led.
ramroids55 (author)  frollard8 years ago
Well, the LEDs i want to replace them with are Auto-Changing RGB LEDs..and from what i have found from the manufacturers website, they are the same it should be a straight replacement
Each led on the original fan will have its own resistor if it's designed properly - and to run on 12 volts each will get a different value... or... they put them all in series then made sure the voltage drops added up to 12 (plus the resistor drop)
ramroids55 (author)  frollard8 years ago
I replace them, and they seem to work perfectly fine. Auto changing fast-flash RGB leds look really cool in a fan btw
Great job! Video and instructable it!
ramroids55 (author)  frollard8 years ago
I plan on it =]
Jayefuu8 years ago
Yes you should be able to. If they're the same LEDs you needn't do anything fancy.