Replacing a garbage disposal?

Our In-Sinkerator disposal is shot (15 years old) and I want to place it with the same model. Is this something I'd be better off having a plumber do? I'm pretty handy myself.

I think you should check with your plumber as there are many thing to be taken care of while replacing garbage disposal. Some fitting are so tight that it can't be open with us without any tool like those of hammer and screwdriver to remove the knock out plug.

EmmaCay4 years ago
I think you might want to talk to a professional. You might be able to get a new garbage disposal from Brampton and install in yourself. But I'd at least talk to a plumber first.
NachoMahma8 years ago
. I replaced mine a few years ago and it went without a hitch. A lot will depend on the piping. If you have unions/slip-joints installed and they are in good shape (probably not after 15 years), it's an easy job. . Be prepared to replace a lot of piping and fittings. If the piping looks in rough shape, you may want to consider calling in a pro. . Follow tightening direction - too tight can be as bad as too loose. The things are heavier than they look - be prepared. Pay particular attention to the gasket on the sink.
Strange that no one seems to mention these things in "how to be green" type of "Instructables"? L