Restore lost external hard drive files and folder after format

The day before yesterday, my external hard drive was dropped to the ground for a sudden shock. When trying to access it again on the computer, the windows just gave me a not formatted error and disabled my access without formatting, so, without deeper consideration, I formatted this drive and finally found all the files and folders were gone. What a stupid operation.

In order to access my files and folders of the past two years, I began to crazily search for related articles and questions to see whether there was a way for me to get them back with success.

Follows some recommended steps and data recovery programs, like:
Firstly, stop using this formatted drive till rescuing everything back.
Secondly, attack drive to computer and use data recovery software to scan this drive and rescue original stuffs back as many as possible.
Thirdly, save all restored stuffs on another different drives or storage device at last.

Fortunately, after trying these steps, I got most of my needed drive files and folders back with success.

If you are also experiencing such data loss problems, you also can get some clues with my found articles, like:

Hope my words also can help someone there!

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johnd6471 year ago

Try a Windows data recovery software, like Recoveryfix for Windows, and copy the important files from the external HDD somewhere else. After, trying this software you can safely recover corrupted files, folder, song, video, image and many more. You can also recover lost or damaged or inaccessible NTFS/FAT partition. The tool support Windows 98, 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, 7 and 8.

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MackJ41 year ago

Data recovery is not an easy task, but we developed a simple and user friendly Hard drive data recovery software that meets the requirement of the end users. Anyone can operate this software because it does not require any special skill. Download the free demo version of the software to analyse complete feature of the software.

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RamonJ41 year ago

Windows Data Recovery is an effective data recovery software to recover deleted data from windows. Using this tool you can quick recover deleted files, folder, image, video and many more. You can also recover missing or deleted or corrupt NTFS/FAT partition. The software support Windows 8.1, Windows 8, MS Windows 98, 2000, 2003, XP, Vista and 7.

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jetwanyo2 years ago

You can recover lost files from external hard drive after format with external hdd recovery software, download from

helped me last time.

According to me, Recover Data Tools has complete solution of corrupted Windows data with the uses of Windows Data Recovery Tool. It is speedy and result oriented tool. You can rely on this tool. Get more features about Software from:

ainsleey12 years ago

Try any third party Windows Data Recovery software. Comparing the best Windows data recovey tools here

EricD482 years ago

Hi! You can use any freeware tool like Recuva or Disk Drill to restore your important data

annygranger2 years ago

If you want to recover and restore lost hard drive files and folders after formatted external hard drive, then use Data Recovery Software Wizard. The software is simple to use and can easily recover all the lost data.

Find steps for recovery of external hard drive:

lennymabrys2 years ago

Best Windows Data Recovery Software is a dominant and loyal tool to recover corrupt hard disk data from corrupted or damaged Windows hard drive files. Read more details:

olafburch2 years ago

Yes, It's now possible to recover lost or deleted files, folders, videos, etc from formatted or reformatted Windows FAT and NTFS partitions with the help of Windows data recovery software, It supports all Windows version like Windows, 97, 98, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. To know about the software, follow this link


This Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery gives computer owners peace of mind in knowing that all of their most valuable documents are protected if something goes wrong. The software can recover lost or deleted photos, videos and other multimedia files; is able to protect storage spaces greater than 2TB; and can search for lost or deleted volumes on Windows hard drives.

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you should do care of own important data but if for any reason your external hard drive is format than don't worry. Kernel for Windows Data Recovery Software will provide you easy and effective options for data recovery. this software is capable to recover any types of corrupt and delete file and folder from internal and external hard drive. you can use free trial version that is supported by every operating system. get more features and download free version visit

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