Reusing iMac G5 20 inch all-in-one screen?

I picked up a iMac G5 that was going to be thrown. The monitor works, there is no HDD installed. I am hoping i will be able to put in a HDD and install Tiger and make work like it should, however my other thought is to use it as a 20" monitor. I am wondering if i can somehow put the monitor into a regular case and use it straight up as a 20" plug and play monitor like any other LCD. Is this possible? I've been looking and cant find anything...

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hudson65 (author) 6 years ago
I got it for free, bought a $50 HDD, any normal hard drive works, installed OS X on it and sold it for $450 bucks. Good deal for me.
mho56 years ago
Somebody post this hardware-hack here:

Please kindly have a look. Wish somebody can actually prove it, & translate it to proper English.

hudson65 (author) 6 years ago
By the way, I replaced the HDD, sold it for $400, bought a $300 monitor and pocketed the extra $50. (the HDD was $50)
Joe Martin8 years ago
These still sell very well in non working condition on ebay, If not get a new G5 logic board and harddrive and install leopard and you would still easily make your money back and more. Macs hold their value!
KentsOkay8 years ago
I'd replace the HDD, will be much easier than making it into a monitor
agreed, i don't know how much Apple Hdd cost, but you will most likely have to shell out a couple bucks...that is unless all HDD are Apple compatible (i dont know much about macs)...