Rich Editor?

All to often when I paste something into the rich editor it loses the cursor and I have to guess where it may be -- Why??

Or is this just me?

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Dr. Pepper6 years ago
Report it to bugs. It might also be you.
rickharris (author)  Dr. Pepper6 years ago
Reported. Also offered a vote for Rich ed to be the default for Pro - Anyone want to join me in that.
I'm in.
Burf Dr. Pepper6 years ago
Happens to me too, it never occurred to me to report in the bugs.
Dr. Pepper Burf6 years ago
AndyGadget6 years ago
Yep, I get it too - Very annoying.

Also, how many times have you entered nicely formatted text, realised you haven't used the rich editor and had to put in all the line breaks again?
Surely the 'basic' editor should be able to handle CR LF by now!!!
rickharris (author)  AndyGadget6 years ago
Put a request to that end to the bug forum. Who knows something may happen.
I _think_ the basic editor now handles linebreaks... but they do get lost when you switch editors after you've started entering text.

My workaround for that is to use cut-and-paste to save the formatted copy before switching to the rich editor, then paste back in. Sometimes that confuses the entry code and you lose the text cursor, but hitting the "preview" button resets that and lets you continue editing. (Did exactly that for this comment.)
Ideally I'd like to be able to set the rich editor as my default.
Answers, especially, quite often include a hyperlink.
(Testing line breaks in basic editor here.)
rickharris (author)  AndyGadget6 years ago
You might think that rich ed might be the default for pro users!
Some of us asked about that. The rich editor is not the default because many people complained that it takes much longer to come up over most ISP connections. There's apparently a lot more code being downloaded to support it (not to mention all the icon graphics).
Yep, they now work, as long as you don't switch editors.
The basic editor does handle line breaks now. What it does is put in <br>, which isn't correct HTML, but what can you do?
Kiteman6 years ago
Yup, same here.

I also assumed it was just me, and haven't reported it as a bug.
aeray6 years ago
Same here. It happens when I'm composing Instructables as well.