Ridgid Seesnake monitor case is not working?

I sent this out to the Ridgid repair people and they sent it back without a phone call telling me that the problem is a bad battery charge board?  Is there any way that I can rebuild this case or adapt it to work again with the existing reel?  I would like to see if this is a possibility before I entertain the idea of purchasing a new monitor.  Any ideas?

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IMHO the tech is outdated enough to be kept as a museum piece.
You will have much more fun updating to a Android or Windows tablet and to run a digital cam.
Our local Aldi recently had an inpection cam on sale for 149$, only with a 60cm cam neck but....

Having sadi that, your system will be using Nickel Cadmium batteries if not the really old acid type ones (I doubt it though).
Should be no big problem to locate the charge board and batteries and to replace both with a modern NiMH battery and charger - or to use an external battery pack that you charge by other means.

DomenicD (author)  Downunder35m2 years ago

I like the idea but I am unsure how I would adapt the Ridgid camera reel to an updated system like that. Do you know of anywhere that I could find that information?

Don't forget those old color monitors used high voltage to accelerate electrons to the screen.

True but they don't use much juice with these tiny screens.
Had a portable radio with build in BW TV, on a set of 6 D-Cells you could watch TV all day long...

iceng2 years ago

Something like that old plumbers video snake, may not have today's rechargeable batteries.

Rather then fix the charger and try to get new batteries, I would consider hacking two wall wart power supplies and running it off AC power. It might even already have an AC line input feature.


DomenicD (author) 2 years ago

Here is a picture of the video unit. I would have to totally disassemble the unit to try to find the charge board. I have no idea what the part would look like. I was told that that part is discontinued, unless someone can make a new board or determine how to retrofit something else to work i guess I'm out of luck

rickharris2 years ago

I know this may surprise you but no one here knows what your talking about.