Rocket Ignition Switch?

I have seen multiple high power rocket igniters, but none show you how to wire them.  I want to link three 9v batteries in a way that outputs 27v.  How do I do that.  Is the wiring (+|-|+|-|+|-) or (+|+|+|-|-|-) (author) 7 years ago
And just to make sure this means from Battery A to Battery B to Battery C to Igniter Back To Battery A
orksecurity7 years ago
That's correct... though if the igniters are wired in parallel for simultaneous ignition, and one battery is enough for one or two igniters normally, you would probably want the batteries wired in parallel as well. Providing sufficient current is critical; boosting the voltage probably isn't and may be counterproductive. (author)  orksecurity7 years ago
its one igniter running off of 3 batteries.