Root Beer - Is there any way I can make a root beer beverage from scratch?

I am in a place that does not sell Root Beer or the syrup to make it so I want to try to make it on my own.  Any suggestions?

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kelseymh6 years ago
seandogue6 years ago
"Root beer" as we know it today is something akin to "tooti fruiti", in that where once various root beers were made from specific root materiel, the present day recipe calls for a combination of roots.

If you happen to have Birch and or Sassafras trees on your property (or otherwise available for harvesting root material) then you can make it from true scratch, of course the roots being the source for flavor... I grew up with several rather large Sassafras trees in my parents  yard, and once I made sassafras tea. Never made root beer though.

Failing that, as LargeMouthBass said, there are kits readily available online

The results of a very simple google search for "root beer making kit"

As a point of note, Saspirilla (sp?) was one of the very first "soda pops", and it was made using Sassafras as base material.
Re-design6 years ago
Check out "".
I received a root beer making kit for Christmas, but I haven't made it yet. It comes with all the ingredients and bottles too. You could try to find a similar kit.

What kind of place do you live in, that has internet access but no root beer?
iceng6 years ago
Certain roots are the source but the carbonation takes pressurized CO2
More then natural occurs.
Also a 10 sec search found this 4 U.