i dont have a psp yet, and i want something to use on long car trips

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RSV265 years ago
nether wate for the ps vita (psp2)
ashannon16 years ago
just get a 3DS for now, and then if you reallyy want to, get a PSP VITA when it comes out
______7 years ago
1. the "go" has a short battery life (1 to 2 hours long) & the graphics arn't that good.
2. The 3000 model longer battery life (3 to 4 hours long) & and the graphics are very good.

PSP "go" owner & PSP 3000 owner
Re-design7 years ago
The newer unit. Always go for the newer unit.
kcls Re-design7 years ago
And they may be releasing a newer newer unit.

Via Engadet

Always go for the newer unit

I agree, but remember that the Macbook Air was a 'new' unit at one time, not all things new are great. Best to buy based on your preference and plenty of research.

*and consider if you wlll be playing a lot of umd based games. The go has no slot.
+1, but keep in mind when buying a new unit, you may not be able to run homebrew. Most 2000's and 1000 series run homebrew with practically a few drag and drops on the memory stick.