SHop where I can buy everything for DIY?


I am constantly looking for an online shop that sells various metals, adhesives, materials in general, parts, tubing etc.. AND had worldwide shipping, but it seems there is none. I would like to buy online because all those materials and parts in my country costs a fortune, so DIY is not so good here... I would like to find a site that has all the things that McMaster has, but with worldwide shipping.

P.S: Does mcmaster have worldwide shipping?

No one shop has it all. Also most things DIY are not going to be cheap. Sometimes DIY can be cheaper than commercial alternatives but not vary often. The areas where DIY can save you money are where you are cutting out labor costs. Supplies will cost money. Since you need international shipping most things are not going to be cheaper online than locally. International shipping isn't cheap nor are the customs fees that come with it.

dsirotic (author)  mpilchfamily3 years ago

I am doing all the labour myself. Welking, milling, cutting, etc.. its all done by me.. And it is cheaper that in my country. Lets say a sprocket: a sprocket of any kind on a canadian shop is about 9-10$ (depending on the size it could be more) and in my country the cheapest all purpouse one is at about 30-35$.. ANd also, americans and canadians have a lot more choise that here at mine, due to the fact that a little or no citizns here does DIY, and like to buy things instead. Also, alloy bars of lets say 100x2x1 is about 100$ here (yes, a hunder dollars!) Whilist in america or canada is about 20-30$ max... Also I don't pay any kind of customs fees as we are in the European union, so every fee is zero.. I already bought a lot of things from ebay, and even the most expensive ones, are fee-less..

Kiteman3 years ago

I doubt you'll find *one* site that does all that.

You'll probably end up getting some things from one site, others from another, and lots from Amazon & Ebay.

mh76dk3 years ago

I have used occasionally (shipping to denmark via regular mail - slow but reasonably cheap. they claim to ship "worldwide" and with "method of your choice")

They are mostly doing electronics parts and related tools - so it might not have everything you need.