Sandblasting old wrought iron porch railing, how to,can I do it?

I have old wrought iron porch railing with at least three layers of paint that need to be removed in order to repaint. I have tried paint stripper and it is too detailed a job for this, and not efficient. The railing has two posts that it is attached to with a floral and leaf decorative piece that is attached to each of the posts. These pieces have intricate detail and fine crevices that the paint that is there now has covered in. It is very nice decorative pieces and I would like to preserve them. Please let me know if anyone has any suggestions. Thanks

Picture of Sandblasting old wrought iron porch railing, how to,can I do it?
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Re-design8 years ago
Take the railing off. Load it onto a trailer and take it down to the local sandblaster shop. They can do the job very quickly and for a nice price. It will take you hours and hours to do it right. Sandblasting is fun for about 5 mins. then it gets very boring. Mind numbingly so. Just painting the railing is going to be a big job. Those two dogs in the middle are fat. But they look happy anyway.
you could make life really easy on yourself and have it powder coated too.
labsnme (author)  seandogue8 years ago
Thanks, don't know what that is but plan on finding out!
powder coating is a painting process that uses electricity to attract and bind powdered paint particles to the metal surface. The part is then baked for to merge the particles into a continuous surface and form an enamel-like finish. Very uniform and very durable.
Sand blasting is great for corrosion removal, but not that hot on thick paint - it takes an age and is expensive - we pay over 80 USD equivalent to blast a 2 foot box clean on the outside only.
arkie8 years ago
Some of the larger 'rent-it' places have sandblasters in stock. The compressor will also have a second air line to supply you with breathing air inside the safety helmet you should be wearing (comes with the sandblaster). The sand will get everywhere; prop your project against a wall protected with plywood or other material AND have tarps under it all. That will help in the clean-up. Also, it's noisy as heck! Good luck and be safe.
trf8 years ago
Also to note.. its a homemade sandblaster the easy way..but remember IT IS MESSY
trf8 years ago
heh i know what u can do. Just recently i re did a VERY VERY decorative iron bench. It took me about 16 hours. What i did was got a small AND a large wire wheel for my drill. Use the big 1 for large surfaces and go back with the small to get into the crevices. I finished doing that and painted it with rustoleum primer and then black gloss. Looks great.
CrawdadMan8 years ago
The dogs seem to be blocking your way. Maybe there the original dog treehuggers err um porch huggers.
Look in the Yellow pages for "architectural antiques" and/or salvage - they often have big tanks of stripper to dip things in like your gates. Sand