Scissors and Irons for the disabled?

I have always used FISKAR products when arthritis allows me to do any work with my hands. Currently I have RazorEdge™ Easy Action™ Fabric Shears for Tabletop Cutting (8") Should I also purchase their pinking shears? In regards to ironing, heavy irons are too heavy for me to lift. Can you suggest one that will be both light and remove wrinkles?

I would definitely get their pinking shears! As far as irons, you may want to look into a travel-sized steam iron. I found a Black and Decker one that was only 2.5 pounds on Amazon with good reviews: Pairing an iron like that with a spray bottle of water should remove all your wrinkles. :)

nancyjaneyoung (author)  jessyratfink12 days ago

The Steamfast "Home and Away Steam Iron" was listed as a perfect iron for people who need lightweight with power. I thought I would let you know in case other classmates of mine might want to look at it :)