Screw broke inside ikea beddinge how to get it out?

One of the screws that holds the bottom frame together (long metal bars) broke inside the bar, its about 2-3 mm inside and i cant get pliars or anything around the screw to pull it out. Anyone else have come across this and have a potential solution, I'd be very appreciative!

FarmerKJS2 years ago

If it is wood you can get a Screw Extracter as kelseymh mentioned.

If it is metal you may need to drill out the screw and tap the hole

I've bought ones of these, it's definitely Metal.

drill the screw out and use a self taping screw that is slightly larger then the original.

Vyger2 years ago

Why do you need to take it out? Just leave it there and put in another one next to it.

A picture of the problem would be most helpful.

kelseymh2 years ago

You need a tool called a "screw extractor." They come in many diameters, depending on the size of screw/bolt you need to remove. You can easily get one (or a set) at your local hardware store, or order one online (Google, Amazon, whatever).