Scuse or Excuse?

I quite often have say scuse me in the packed slow moving hallways of my school and every time I say scuse me and right afterwards I think to my self, say Excuse Idiot.  Does it really make a difference?  I always say scuse out of bad habit, but prefer excuse because it provides a little more oomph with the Ex sound.  Scuse always seems to make me thing of any word with an ooze in it.

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Burf5 years ago
Amongst friends and at informal affairs, "Scuse me." is fine. In the classroom, formal affairs, job interviews, etc., the usage of proper English is always preferred.

At school you're in an informal environment among your peers, so either annunciation is fine, as long as its not directed to a teacher (especially your English teacher). ;)
Yep, that's exactly why I specified the classroom and not the generic "school."
I noticed that, and I agree with your answer.
I guess I was just re-phrasing your comments. lol... *face palm*
caarntedd5 years ago
Saying scuse instead of excuse, is far better than saying nothing, which is what most people do these days. (author)  caarntedd5 years ago
Oh, yes, I am probably the only one in the whole school that even bothers.
Far, far better.
Its 'scuse - not a word in itself, but a little abbreviation that we use amongst people we know. Like you say "Bai Bai" to friends, not "Goodbye"
Isn't Bai Bai the name of a panda?
I am sure it will be now, if it isn't already....
Chalk that up to another accomplishment. ;)

btw, did you notice the "related"? (i.e. Are you Madd??) o_0 ?