Seagate Backup+ 2TB Drive Not Showing up in My Computer but is Showing Up in Device Manager?

Hi, My Seagate Backup+ Slim External Drive stopped showing up in My Computer but does show up in Device Manager. I voided the warrenty and I have some data I really need back. I am using Windows 7. HELP ME PLEASE!

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-max-2 years ago

Our old 4+ year old external HDD has also did this and after dismantling the case to remove the hard drive itself (I was really hoping it would be the serial to USB conversion board that failed) the HDD itself would not be detected by any motherboard BIOS or by W7 as another drive. I figure that the control board has failed, but have not done anything yet to fix it.

Vyger -max-2 years ago

It can be a long shot but sometimes you can replace the electronics board on a HD and get it working again. If you can find another drive that is just like it you can (unless the changed it to marry it to the drive) swap out the board> I have done it and had it work. Also there is a company that specializes in carrying a stock of the boards so you can get a used or even new board from them. They are/were pretty reasonable in price. I don't know if they are still around since it has been a few years since I needed them. Drive Savers basically does the same thing only they don't sell their boards. They get the drive working again and then transfer the data and charge a fortune for it.

But first we have to find out if this is notebook drive or a large one. Its entirely possible that its just a power issue. The USB might not be providing enough power to run the drive.

Vyger2 years ago

Don't worry, be happy. Lots of possibilities for both cause and how to fix it.

First, what do you mean by you voided the warranty? And by the way the last thing you would want to do if you wanted to get your data would be to deal with Seagate. They DO NOT care about your data, their only consumer responsibility is for the hardware. If you sent it i to them and it was bad all they would do is send you a refurbished replacement, NO data.

I am guessing its plugged in USB? Some do work through ATA. And are you using a notebook or a desktop computer.

Is it USB 2 or 3 and is the port 2 or 3?

Unplug the device, power it off, reboot the computer and when it restarts, restart the drive and plug the drive into a DIFFERENT USB port. Then come back to your question and fill in the blanks I mentioned and what happened when you did as I suggested.

Yhea, Seagate has not been kind to me in the past.

I'd second Vyger and suggest you use a difrent port, preferably in the back if you have a desktop. Also if that doesn't work you could always try re-installing the HDD it's self into another external enclosure. Or if you have a desktop, just plug it into an open SATA port.

Good Luck !

-max-2 years ago

It did not even show up in the device managar. It was like it did not exist.