Secure method to attach a phone to wall or floor?

I would like to figure out an inexpensive and discreet way to attach a smartphone to the wall or floor (not directly - slightly set apart with e.g a rod or a lead), in a way that it is secure, and can't be easily stolen. The phone will be used as a display screen and will be resting on top of something, so needs to be relatively manouvreable. I have access to a laser cutter / clear perspex / workshop tools / ebay.

Downunder35m8 months ago

If it is not nailed down, screwed down or glued in place someone will take or break it.

iceng8 months ago

Put it in a vault and internal guillotine with finger holes and make like inspector Clouseau's boss...

Vyger8 months ago

You know how ATM's are armored to prevent tampering? That is what you have to do to prevent certain people from destroying or stealing things.