Sensor that detects the height of your hand above a given point, ANY IDEAS?

... Does anyone know a sensor that detects the height of your hand above a given point? ...
... Or does anyone know a laser device that can detect the position of the hand above it? ...

>.. I want to apply it on my Laser Harp idea, to control the Volume of the speaker.

Mainly the idea is, the position of the hand above the device that produces a laser line will control the volume; if in high position high volume, if in low position low volume, etc.

>. Tnx if you guys can comment, suggest, advice. XD

Sounds like you want something similar to a control that might be
found on a theremin.

Lots of theremin plans out there on the net,
so just do a search for "theremin"
Thermin tech would be interesting, when presumably he wants multiple channels of "strings"
rickharris1 year ago
Much depends on what you do with the data after it is sensed.

Ultra sonic
Capacitive over short distances
a series of light beams parallel to the floor you hand interrupts them.
A physical connection turning a pot e.g. a wire attached to you hand/glove.

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