Server Airflow Help?

As you can see here, I just got 3 new blow fans for my server I'm making. But I'm not making it in a server box/case, or even in a computer case, I'm making it in a plastic shelving unit. I have 5 fans in total; the three blow fans, and a medium and a small computer fan. I'm completely new to the airflow concept, so I will need some guidance.


Below are some things that I think will improve airflow, but you tell me if it's good or not.

1. leaning motherboard
-Is making the motherboard "lean" so the bottom is semi exposed a good idea for airflow? Or would the air not circulate as well?

2. "chaining" blow fans
-Would "chaining" the blow fans together (putting them in sequence) make a twice as powerful stream of air?


1. Should air be sucked out of the box, or blown in?

2. What would the ideal airflow solution be?


-Shadow Ops

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frollard8 years ago
Generally accepted standards are that you have matching in and out fans in cfm (cubic feet/minute) (as zero suggests). I still believe that you get similar results from all pointing one direction on one side of the case, with matching passive 'exhale or inhale' vents on the opposite side. re: The pic with the fan SUCKING from the cpu - you want the fan to blow cool air on the hot cpu, not try to extract hot air from the heatsink, more efficient that way.
addendum: The fans you have only blow out the square hole, they do not suck from that hole (for the sake of your photos)
Arbitror (author)  frollard8 years ago
I just have to switch the red and black wires for them to suck :)
these are centrifugal fans. they are far far far more efficient (if completely non-functional in reverse) in forward direction. Yes it may spin backwards, but its a waste backwards.
gmxx8 years ago
i dont think a leaning mbo would help. keep it flat, it will be safer for components (especialy if you are adding on gfx cards and similar.) chaining the aiflow won't help. it will be ore effective to do both blow air on one side of the plastic bin, and blow it out the other. the constant moving airflowwill be more beneficial. have a fan or heatsonk on the cpu. also, if you can put the cpu in the large drawer 3rd from the top, and then drill airvents in the drawer 2nd from the top. you could also put hard drives or disc drives there, your choice.
Arbitror (author)  gmxx8 years ago
I'll keep it flat then. OK. Do you mean like the 6th pic, or the tenth, or some other way? There already is a fan and heat sink on the CPU, which I won't be removing. What do you mean by CPU? Do you mean the whole mobo? I will probably have air holes in the front of the third shelf, the power supply in the second, the power bar, modem, and router in the fourth, the drives in the first. So where exactly should I position all 5 fans (3 blow fans, 1 medium+small computer fan?
gmxx Arbitror8 years ago
1)ok... 2)ok... 3)dont remove the cpu fan (duh)... i mean some other way... ill upload an image 4)i do mean the whole mobo. for fans: 1st drawer: the medium fan, mounted on the top of the lid or along the back wall of the drawer 2nd drawer: none 3rd drawer: 2 blowing fans on the back, one on the front. small fan mounted near the cpu or gfx chip/card. 4th drawer: none
gmxx gmxx8 years ago
see image: