Setting permissions on phpBB3 admin control panel to display forum?

I have successfully install phpBB3. I have added new forum and deleted the existing demo forum.
Now I am not able to see the new forum on my site or

Need help what permissions to add for the forum to display so that user can post comments on the forum page.
Thank you

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Hmm... as i remember, you have to go in Global Permissions -> Users permissions, and there is a button called Add permissions, under Users tab.
You can take a look too in the Local Permissions too.

But first go in Global Permissions.
leathermall (author)  silverwindro6 years ago
Its working fine now
Thanks a ton for your help.
You`re welcome.
Also... pay attention at your security and folder permissions.
You are little now, but who knows, maybe someday you`ll be famous :D .
Seems that there is a connection problem. I cannot access your web address. There is no 500 error.

Make sure you enabled your forum root and your domain forward.
leathermall (author)  silverwindro6 years ago
Thanks for your prompt reply. Sorry, it is or

Please let me know how to add permissions as the forum is not displaying without proper permissions.

Apologize for the wrong site address in the earlier query