Severe Windows Vista Home Basic laptop problem?

I just turned on my Vista and it made all the usual sounds of the fans and hard drive. The lcd screen was black and the caps lock light was blinking at a pretty fast speed. So i waited and nothing happened. The light just kept on blinking and the lcd did nothing. What do i do?? Please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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frollard8 years ago
If you press the numlock key, does the numlock change on the keyboard? Sounds like a motherboard failure.
sci4me (author)  frollard8 years ago
frollard sci4me8 years ago
no numlock means your motherboard is hardware freezing. keyboard i controlled outside of the operating system. It's not vista :(
sci4me (author) 8 years ago
I just took it to Raptor PCS and there going to figure out whats wrong and try to fixi t.
Prolly a good idea
seandogue8 years ago
Is there a CD/DVD in the drive?
sci4me (author)  seandogue8 years ago
Turn on the power, press the eject button, remove it and then turn off the computer. Turn the computer back on after 30-60 second and try to boot again.
lemonie8 years ago
Did it make the usual "beep!" shortly after being turned on? Has anything happened to it since it last ran OK, and did you get nothing at all from the screen, not even a "no signal" message? What happens if you unplug the keyboard & start it? L
And if so, how many beeps and what sequence (3 beeps, pause, beep...2 beeps...3beeps, etc.? The beep code can help to diagnose the problem. Also, do you know what BIOS (AMI, Phoenix, etc.) the motherboard uses?
Well yes, good questions (at the moment I'm asking for the basics). L