I tried to sew a straight line but my machine keeps clogging and then I have to pop it open and try to unclog the string. It's brand new. What am I doing wrong?

MikaelaHolmes3 months ago

It is possible you have the bobbin in backward, the needle in the wrong position, or the top thread threaded wrong. Look at your manual to make sure you have all these thing right. The direction the bobbin thread is coming out of the bobbin matters, so make sure that is right. Let me know if you're still having issues. Sorry!

IarinaA (author)  MikaelaHolmes3 months ago

This is my exact issue but I could not find a way to solve it

Hi, sorry, your video isn't showing up. Can you re-post?

IarinaA (author)  IarinaA3 months ago

Sorry, this was the actual video