Shaking yogurt?

Shaking heavy cream makes whipped cream or butter. Mixing egg whites makes meringue. What does shaking yogurt make?

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rimar20007 years ago
You obtain SY (Shaked Yogurt).
+1 :)
lemonie7 years ago

Do it and find out.

aeray7 years ago
Depends on the yogurt.
Non-fat yogurt, no difference.
Full-fat yogurt, like Brown Cow, tasty, creamy, emulsified goodness.
seandogue7 years ago
Well, if you do it before you open it, it mixes the fruit on the bottom into the yogurt for you. That's how I used to eat it when I was in college. a tin of Pringles barbecue chips and strawberry yogurt (dip) while at the park. No utensils required

And btw, it's a good combo.
Sounds good to me.
A mess,