Should I build a go kart or should I build a mini chopper?

So should I build a go kart or should I build  a really sweet mini chopper?

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hythamr5 years ago
chopper costs less, it takes the same engine as a go kart or moped and less metal and parts for the frame, plus its more fun to ride and easier to find parts
iceng5 years ago
How long do you plan to live ?

TSC (author)  iceng5 years ago
As long as god allows me to!
iceng TSC5 years ago
"God helps those who help them selves"
The fun of a Chopper is much more
then a go cart running on the floor
As a chopper you have built already
A cart will hone your mechanical ability
and preserve skin from a road rash.

TSC (author)  iceng5 years ago
Yep I think I'm going with a go kart I would like to build both but don't have the money!
Go kart
rickharris5 years ago
Go cart