Should I freeze cooked scalloped potatoes and ham OR can I assemble, freeze and then cook later?


Uncooked potato does not freeze well-- the cell structure breaks down, leaving a mushy, ill-tasting product behind. Cook 'em first, then freeze.
Seconded! Cook about 75%, until the potatoes are cooked through but the top hasn't yet browned. Then cool, wrap tightly (plastic wrap plus foil) and freeze. Thaw (and remove the plastic wrap) before re-cooking. You may have a bit of water separating out from the cheesy bits when you re-cook, but a bit of time in the oven without the foil will take care of it as the top browns.
paganwonder8 years ago
We always make these type dishes complete and then freeze- the purpose is to save time at a later date when time or energy are at a premium. No complaints yet on finished product/meal/dish.