Should I make an ible in regards to cleaning your Inspiron 9300? Or is the machine too outdated for people to care?

I have a Dell Inspiron 9300. It's been a great laptop for me, and frankly still is. Recently its performance began to show signs of it's age. Fully knowing I have several laptops I decided to tear it apart and tinker around.Much to my surprise, despite my regular cleaning (blowing air into the cooling ports), the inside was packed, and I mean packed with dust. I clean it out re-assembled and my Inspiron works as though it was new. Should I tear apart my Inspiron & make an ible showing you how to clean it? Or is the machine too old for most people to care?

gmxx8 years ago
DO IT! Instructables is all about user generated content. your instructable will help somene, even if it just a general guide n laptop cleaning
kauram7 years ago
pls do . i would love to use it for mine.
I would say go for it. Even if the laptop is old, I don't see any reason why it wouldn't make a good Instructable on how to clean just about any laptop.