Should I use it?

I got this flyback transformer without high voltage cable so I cut it until I found a tiny piece of metal. Is it safe to use the transformer ? and If it is how do I find the best coils to be the primary and the feedback from the 2n2055 driver.

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ARJOON6 years ago
remember to remove the pcb soldered to it if you don't want some undesirable effects. yeah just like re said put some epoxy to cover the hv joint, hot glue works well to.
i have the same transformer. make sure if you use higher voltage than rated for some of the pin will arc to the ferrite. i burnt my 555 driver like this. so insulate the pins that u will no use
Re-design6 years ago
Sure. If you didn't break the wiring, just solder you HV lead there. I'd put some thick epoxy of other HV insulation there just to cover it up.
theVader75 (author)  Re-design6 years ago
I will connect the ground and make a jumper to that contact.