Should I write an Instructable detailing instructions on how to hack into a Windows Account?

Hey guys,

So I've just found an old computer of mine running a copy of windows 7 Ultimate.. and I decided to see what I had on it.. ONLY PROBLEM was that I had forgotten the password.. despite even having set a Password hint.. being the L33T I am ;) lol.. I decided to crack into it.. so, using a particular tool, i edited the SAM hash... and set the password to *blank*.. I then restarted and i was automatically logged on. then did the norm "net user username Password".. to set my password to what i want..

I was thinking of writing a guide on how to do this.. and also list a couple of ways on how to prevent this happening to you..

I'm more asking the guys and gals whom already know how to do this.. not the masses who want to know how to do this..

Normally I'd just go ahead and write the instructable but I'm not sure of the legal ramifications that could arise from myself writing this, and Instructables hosting it.

So guys, and Admins, what do you think?



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I say no because someone could use this in an illegal way. possibly steal people ids and stuff.
i would say that in the wrong hands it would be quite harmful so i'd probably say you shouldn't do it, some people could misuse it to steal/harm other peoples documents/files etc
lemonie3 years ago
I always prefer to see things that people have made. It'll probably go down better on YouTube or somewhere more involved with "hacking".
And if the most important thing about this is a particular tool you'd only be writing instructions on "How to use software".

ghostmonkeys (author) 3 years ago
Alright, thanks for your opinions, guys. You both seem to be pretty prestigious on Instructables.com.. so I suppose I won't write the guide then.

Have a nice day,

There are other poorly received instructables on the topic -- calling it 'hack into' automatically raises a few flags.
ghostmonkeys (author)  frollard3 years ago
So you're saying that it's the title that would cause it to be poorly received?? if I were to rename it to something a little less... suggestive? say "Bypass windows log on" ?? then it would be okay??

As Jayefuu says -- ironically script kiddies who just want to 'hack' will totally blow by your ible, because they want to 'hack' accounts. People who forgot their password will find it useful. It's a delicate balance.
If you aimed it as a recovery tool as you used it, rather than a nefarious tool it would be better recieved. Perhaps if you named it "Recover access to a forgotten Windows 7 login" or suchlike.
blkhawk3 years ago
It depends! For my A+ Certification I had to learn how to bypass a password protected computer setup simply by removing the CMOS battery and restart the computer. This was necessary in some cases. Your project could be used either way: to fix or to harm. I would say yes but I would give a proper title like Frollard suggested and avoid the use of the word hack. Thus, at the right moment, someone could benefit from your expertise. My best regards to you!
Kiteman3 years ago
If you browse the Q&A section, you'll find that this is the kind of information we do not readily share online, because of the amount of harm that could be done.

My answer would be "no".
rickharris3 years ago
having thought about this for 30 seconds I guess the answer is no.
I reckon it won't be acceptable.