Should a barbecue burner be made out of copper pipe? Will it release toxic fumes when lit?

I've replaced my bbq grill burners with some i made out of copper pipe.  Is it safe to use copper as burner material?

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No problem with toxicity, may be a problem with melting point !
Copper wouldn't melt in a BBQ.  I think that Aluminium which has a lot lower melting point wouldn't even melt in a BBQ.  Just not hot enough...
I've melted Al on a barbeque. Copper oxidises like mad and falls apart, though it doesn't "melt"

I didn't think Aluminium would melt.  If you were ussing it for cooking I don't think it would.  What were you doing?  Trying to melt it, or accidentally did?  I think if you were trying to melt Al on a BBQ, and you cranked it up to full you could, but cooking temp. probably not.  As for Copper, I know that wouldn't melt, it would oxidize and fall apart as you said.  Although, I recall seeing a spray, it was a protective clear coat, you baked it onto whatever and it would keep it from oxiding.  That might work.
Empty pan....

seandogue8 years ago
Copper will oxidize much quicker when heated to the temperatures sustained in a barbecue.  It won't be toxic, but it will go green like the Statue of Liberty and fall apart.  I'd stick with steel.
lemonie8 years ago
Yes. The toxic fumes come from burning grease / meat.