Should i buy the AT89c51?

So i was thinking about buying a micro-controller for a while and i found this in the local shop
It doesn't come with a development board and i have no idea how to program it. So can anyone help me get started and make a Dev board?

P.S Sorry if my English is bad. I am a Pakistani.

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Like I said, the 89V51's a good part, or the Atmega 168, or 328. The 89V51 has its OWN bootloader, so all you need is a serial port and a cable.
If i get one of these how do i program it?
The Atmel website has the program you need.
If you can get the NXP part, P89V51, then the program is on a site called "flashmagic"
rickharris5 years ago
No, this isn't an easy chip for a beginner to program. Atmel DO make some nice 8051 derivatives that ARE easy to program though.

See if you can find the 89V51 instead.
Okay but what if this is the only one available?
Don't buy it. You need to make a parallel mode programmer. Not a job for a beginner.
Any other recommendations?