Shuld I take lessons on C or Embedded C to programme arduino ?

hi folks, I want to learn arduino programming..but I don't have any programming experiences.I'm thinking about taking some C language lessons.will C help me to programme arduino?  and I also heard that there is another language called Embedded C.I'm confused which C language should I learn to programme arduinos?

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Bot13985 years ago
First I think you should learn C and then embedded C as the concepts from C help to learn embedded C.Talking from experience
mzee233 (author)  Bot13985 years ago
thank you for the advice. appreciate it.taking some c lessons now.any book recomondations to read?
Bot1398 mzee2335 years ago
PEARSON publications have some great books
While formal computer science classes are not needed they do help quite a bit for understanding basic concepts and building a better understanding of good programming practices.

C is a great place to start since Arduino 1.0 is a C based programing environment. All other C languages are based around C, so its good to start at the beginning. A good foundation in C can lead you into more advanced programing languages such as Java and C#.

mzee233 (author)  mpilchfamily5 years ago
thank you so much mpilchfamily for the answer.I have decided to follow a C programming class to get an understanding from the basic.I think I can catchup.thanks again.
Just keep in mind that the Arduino uses an IDE based in C so not all programming concepts you learn in the C class will work with Arduino.
mzee233 (author)  mpilchfamily5 years ago
oky..sure.thank you.