Signal strength?

We have a satelite dish on the roof for sending and receiving email. It is called Surfbeam . How can we use the computer to check our signal strength. Our house is settling and they want $100. to send a man up with a meter he uses on the roof. How can we do it. We have electronic knowlege and am an Amature Radio Operator. Please help

emit (author) 2 years ago

Thanks everyone, we have changed to a Bell hub that works through cell tower

BruceS162 years ago

Occasionally, I have gone up there with my tablet (or laptop) on my network, with the Viasat modem page displayed. From behind the dish, I will push on the edges to determine which direction the dish might need to be "tweaked" to increase signal strength. Very small movements will greatly affect the Rx power and SNR. A bit rudimentary, but works for me. One time we had the roof reshingled, and they put the dish back WAY out of whack. With this method, I was able to get it back into service without calling a tech.

emit (author) 7 years ago
We have one of those. They are good for C band but they dont seem to work on frequencys that are in the KU band.

tewharau7 years ago
 For less than $2 on ebay, you can buy a "satellite finder" which shows the strength of your satellite signal.  You simply connect to the coax coming out of the dish and see what the meter says.

Hope this helps.