Signs that a guy likes you?

blkhawk5 years ago
Scientist have been interested for years in love and attraction. There are signals that can tell us when someone is in love. For more information check the How Stuff Works site.
Vyger5 years ago
Being a guy I would rather not know if another guy likes me.

Way back when I was in school something I could never understand is why girls who wanted to meet guys always hung out in groups. I mean, who wants to approach a group of girls to try and talk to just one of them. If you want someone to talk to you go solo. Leave the pack and venture out on your own.
Talk to him and find out.
Kiteman5 years ago
He's breathing.

Serious answer: search for "boys", "relationships" etc for a lot of good related advice.

Of course, you could bite the bullet and simply ask him if he likes you.